What Makes our Program UNIQUE

West Lab Adventure in

Robotics Program

West Lab Robotic Class students are currently simulating the Use of Robots to rescue Survivors in WESTLANDIA

after a natural disaster. The students are designing, building, configuring and programming the robots for the rescue.


our newest family members

Students learn: Robot History, Robotics fundamentals and terminology, Basic Electronic terminology and components, Artificial intelligence, Motor controllers, sensors, Navigation, logic and

Recognize gears and gears ratios.
Along with an interest in robotics, a major skill set needed for this course is the ability to work in teams, the course will foster STEM development skills such as Problem solving, Creativity, teamwork and adapting to new challenges.


New to Our Program
(Artificial Intelligence with
self Driving Car

Parents and Family are welcome to participate in our Robotic classes

Smart Robots, Smarter Kids

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Town of WESTLANDIA before disater.

The Robotic Class is coached by Dr. Duteau a Geek Dad, Microsoft Certified IT engineer and Roboticist with 30 years of robot design experience. Dr. Duteau is known for his domestic service Robot Newton built in 1991 (winner of 2 BEAM Robot Olympics 1994 - 1995).

In 1994 his inspection Robots performed groundbreaking visual inspection of the nuclear reactor cooling pump at Three Mile Island.

West LAB State of the Art

Robotics Classes

While Most Robotic Programs Uses LEGO and VEX Robots for teaching. Our Students work with the latest Educational and Service robots from all over the world. Our Students learn Logic, Coding, Robot Programming and software design with 

Sanbot, Rover,  Thymio,  Makebot, Alpha2, Fishertechnik, Nao, Ez Robot, Codeybot, OZOBOT, Recon, Owi and Dfrobot.

Our Classes are Hands on, All students will design, Program, debug, modify, build and operate a Robot. 

Our state of the art Program

West Lab LEGO Robot project

Design and Build a Robot to Rescue


after Natural Disaster.

 “Students aren’t really thinking about physics, math and  science as they’re working with Robots, they are applying it as a catalyst for STEM".

Dr. Duteau

Your Child Hi-Technology

Career starts here

Robotics  promotes STEM

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Education in a way that’s fun

where students can be more engaged

and in some cases, not intimidated by science or math,”

This Enrichment Class is a High Quality STEM and Engineering Education Class for 1st to 7th Graders Using Robots and Robotics To Teach Robotic Technology and Hands on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) as a learning experience.

Students will discover new, educational hobbies and talents (Robotics and Science) and Gain awesome stories for college interviews and scholarships.

Our after-school Robotic academic program is an adventure in Robotics. Imagine, design and build it. Students can work on ambitious Robotics projects and have enough time to focus, build and Program their Own Robots.
Students follow a guided curriculum, but will be assigned different Robotics Projects as theirSkills and knowledge in Robotics and programming improves.

A mentor will ensure student continues progress into more challenging projects.

Classes are hands on, all students will design, program, modify, build, operate and work with the latest and most advanced Service Robots on the market today.