In 1990, our Founder Dr. Duteau Who is passionate about Robots and Robotics, Founded Rochester Robotics and The Retail store Robot World in Rochester, New York.

Dr. Duteau Believed back then that the Robotic age had finally arrived. Rochester Robotics Designed and Integrated Service Robots for Home, Industry, Nuclear Inspection, Security and Elderly assistance, While Robot World was the first Retail Robot store In the USA.
Robot world was successful in providing Educational robots and Robot kits to the public. It was also around that period Dr. Duteau and SYNPET decided to build a state of the art Robot named NEWTON. The first Newton used an Intel 286 processor with 1 Megabyte of Ram. NEWTON was fully autonomous and understood verbal commands in 3 languages. He was able to navigate around a room on his own and greet people. 

In 1994 Dr. Duteau was instrumental in the successful design and development of the Blue Newton  with the Assistance of Graduate students from R.I.T (Rochester Institute of Technology). The Blue NEWTON Won 1st Place at the prestigious BEAM (Of Marc Tilden Fame) International Robot Olympics in Toronto Canada (1994 and 1995 respectively).

Dr. Duteau and Newton have appeared on National TV shows such as ABC Nightline CNN technology news and Telemundo Spanish Network Television. He was featured in Nuclear News in 1995 for his design of Robots used for the remote inspection of secondary Steam generator in nuclear reactors. His inspection Robots performed groundbreaking Visual inspection of the Reactor coolant pump Impeller at Three Mile Island (TMI) unit 1, and the Beaver valley nuclear plant.
Dr. Duteau is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer

He hold a PhD. in Information Technology.

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