Students aren’t really thinking about physics, math or science when they are working with Robots; they are applying it as a catalyst for S.T.E.M”   

Dr. Duteau. Kids Robot Academy

Dr. Duteau on Television

What makes our program Unique

While Most Robotic Programs Uses LEGO and VEX Robots for teaching. Our Classes uses State of the art Educational robots from all over the world. Students learn Logic, Coding, Robot Programming, software design and Critical Thinking Skills. Our classes are Hands on. All Students will design, program, modify,

build and operate a Robots  

Dr. Duteau with Robots Gemini and RB5X (1989)

Robotics, The ART of Technology

Dr. J Duteau

Dr. Duteau and Steven Hodges CEO of Synpet at Robot World January 1990 From UPI News Archives

About Kids Robot Academy

In 1990, our Founder Dr. Duteau Who is passionate about Robots and Robotics, Founded Rochester Robotics and The Retail store Robot World in Rochester, New York.

Kids Robot Academy was founded by Dr. Duteau in 2015, with the goal of introducing robotics to students as a means of teaching them about technology. In 1990 Dr. Duteau was the founder of Rochester Robotics and Robot World in Rochester, New York, where he designed and integrated service robots for various applications, including home, industry, nuclear inspection, security, and elderly assistance. He also developed educational robots and kits, which were successful in introducing the public to the world of robotics. In collaboration with SYNPET, Dr. Duteau designed a state-of-the-art robot named NEWTON, which was fully autonomous and could understand verbal commands in three languages. NEWTON won first place at the prestigious BEAM International Robot Olympics in Toronto, Canada, in 1994 and 1995, respectively.

NEWTON Robot 1991

Dr. Duteau and his State of the Art Robotic Manipulator used at the Beaver Valley Nuclear Plant 1993

Dr. Duteau's expertise in robotics has been recognized in various media outlets, including ABC Nightline, CNN technology news, and Nuclear News. He holds a PhD in Information Technology and Robotics and is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer. Despite the availability of many robotic schools, Dr. Duteau could not find a program that kept his son motivated and challenged. This led him to establish Kids Robot Academy, a state-of-the-art robotics program designed to teach boys and girls about the real world and traditional approaches to electronics and robotics technology. Our program is designed to inspire a new generation of students who want to make a difference in the world.

Dr. Duteau with Robots at Home

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