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Dr. J Duteau

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Kids Robot Academy offers a proprietary curriculum that is extremely diverse with opportunities to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through robotics, electronics, circuits, controls, coding, sensors, navigation, speech, artificial intelligence and hardware engineering. Students will work on ambitious robotics projects and will also have enough time to focus on, build, and program their own robots. They will follow a guided curriculum, being assigned different projects as their understanding

and capacity for programming increases.


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Smart Robots, Smarter Kids


Meet CORONA our Quarantine Robot ,

Built during Quarantine by Dr. Duteau and students.

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WESTLA the 4 foot tall West Lab Robot

Built by Dr. Duteau and Students

New to our program
(Artificial intelligence) with self driving cars.

Our students practice and learn Robotics with Real Service and educational robots:

Temi, Mechano, Weemake, EZrobot,Sanbot, MakeBlock, Nao, Alpha S, Newton, Fishertechnik, Ipal, EzRobot, Edison, Thymio, Codeybot, Dash, OWI and Dfrobot 

Classes are Hands on, All students will design,

Program and build a Robot. 

Robotics, The ART of Technology

Dr. J Duteau

Kids Robot Academy FALL 2020 10 Weeks

Virtual Robot Camp, for 8 to 14 year olds

SATURDAYS 10 AM to 12 Noon

Saturday September 12 To Saturday  November 8

RoboticDemonstration for your school,

home school or club

Our robots love to travel and meet new friends.

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Kids Robot Academy, Miami, Florida

​Our Expanding State of the Art Robotic Program is always looking for Technology Assistants .

Teaching experience preferred but is not required!

We will train, Compensation is provided.

Miami, Florida USA. Soon to Orlando, Florida

Your Child High technology career starts here

While Most Robotic Programs Uses LEGO and VEX Robots for teaching. Our Classes uses  over 75 State of the art Educational and Service robots from all over the world. Our Students learn Logic, Coding, Robot Programing, software design and Critical Thinking Skills, with

the most advanced robots on the market.